Steel is the most appropriate construction material for all soil classes and seismic zones with lightness compared to alternative products, high resistance and endurance power, short fabrication and installation.

Steel has become the most important building material of the 21st century thanks to its areas of usage, its efformation possibility and its technical characteristics. In addition to all these things, steel is one of the most widespread materials that recycle.

Transporter elements that are prepared at the factories provide high quality with the low price and shorten the building time. Steel is the material with the highest ratio of carrying capacity to weight.

Price equilibrium and fast construction time allow people to settle their buildings earlier and enable them to acquire less cost advantage.

If required, all the elements of the structure and transporter system can be produced as bolted. This characteristic provides the processes of removing, transporting, changing, enlarging or narrowing the steel construction done with minimum damage. At the same time, this demounted characteristic provides opportunity to temporary storage practice on the rental areas.

Steel construction buildings have the chance to pass the wide areas at the industrial buildings without rising main and without transporter. In addition to bringing down the cost, this also allows the structure to be used aesthetically.

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