Constitued by Ramazan UÇAR, a construction engineer, in 1986, our company achieves the stages of steel and ferroconcreate buildings' projection, design, engineering, construction business, project, fabrication and setup in international standards. ESK UÇAR aims to do high class profession with the fastest, the ultimate facility and mastery by taking into consideration costumer satisfaction and needs.

ESK UÇAR, since its foundation, has put its signature to multifaceted projects by transforming its funds to execution on Construction Contracting and Steel construction buildings. Our company gives reliable and qualified service from project to delivery by being included in all stages from project work to fabrication.



It aims to always carry forward its place without sacrificing quality and reliability. Our vision, which helps to perform our missions, takes place among the leading companies in our sector.


Our mission is to remain at the top of the list all the time by producing the best engineering solutions according to our clients with our quality and knowledge by taking into consideration customer satisfaction.
Eskişehir Uçar Çelik Çukurhisar Fabrika Eskişehir Uçar Çelik Bozüyük O.S.B. Fabrika
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